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 DND and me

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PostSubject: DND and me   Tue Jul 15, 2008 4:57 pm

I keep forgetting about the DND function in game.

Sometimes, from this point, my characters (any of them) will occasionally sport DND before their name or in the who. It's like "AFK" except I'm there doing stuff. (It means "Do Not Disturb", not "Dungeons and Dragons" Laughing ). Some days I'm not so chatty, and it'll be on so I can farm/quest/etc quietly.

It's not an insult to anyone or a slap, it's just so no one gets their feelings hurt if I don't respond or say Hi in guild/channel/etc.

So pretend I say Hi and talk about the weather and love on you all and stuff when you see that. Or, that I never logged in at all, either way ^.^ No obligations! Smile
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DND and me
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