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PostSubject: Be.Imba.Hu   Fri Sep 12, 2008 1:10 am

So, Solumbra was getting cloth gear suggestions? We found out that it's WoWhead doing that, because it lists by slot, quality, and level. There's no filter for just leather gear, belt, epic.

Basically, what's really important about the site's stats is knowing what your class is gonna need for -raiding-. Rogue-Tank aside, we rogues are there to DPS, so it would spit on Rogue-Tank, you see?

All in all, your score looks good. The greens, and lower than 70 level items will drop the score too, even if they bump stat.

I suggest to drop the rune of the guard captain or the royal seal for the Tablet of Precision from Terrokar, til you get something better. (Like the Vial from Romero..or something)

They want you to top your hit cap, and roll dps, so whatever will bring you closer to doin that. Stam ain't it, especially if you're not rolling combat.

One last thought, spec-wise: Drop Cheat Death. It's not doing you any good, not in a raid. It doesn't do anything to save your life there (the mobs just smack too fast for a healer or a pot to be smashed to make it worthwhile, better to just res), and that's three points you can be using in Precision(hit) or Malice(crit) to get those up. Smile Also, max Deadliness (more AP!), and drop the Enveloping Shadows. We get hit with the AoE in there anyway, and some just don't measure right with that skill anyway.
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