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 Fa-La-La-Ogri'la 'Bomb Them Again', Instructions & Cheat!

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PostSubject: Fa-La-La-Ogri'la 'Bomb Them Again', Instructions & Cheat!   Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:23 am

First: To be able to DO this quest, this is the prerequisite.

First you visit the Ogre in Lower City Shattrath near the cooking trainer. He will give you a quest to visit 'Mog'dorg the Wizened'.

Go to Mog'dorg the Wizened, in Blade's Edge Mountains, beneath Evergrove (55,44)

Complete Grulloc Has Two Skulls (5 person Group)

Complete Maggoc's Treasure Chest (5 person Group)

Complete Even Gronn Have Standards (5 person Group)

Complete Grim(oire) Business (5 person Group)

Complete Into the Soulgrinder (5 person Group)

Go to Torkus, in Ogri'la, above Sylvanaar (28,57)

Complete Our Boy Wants To Be A Skyguard Ranger (You will need 10 Apexis Shards which drop off random beasts all over the mountains. You should have a few stacked if you have done any quests in BEM)

Go to Chu'a'lor in Ogri'la (28,57)

Complete The Skyguard Outpost

Go to Sky Sergeant Vanderlip (27,52)

Complete Bombing Run (This can be done by flight,..stay moving always! OR, by simply mounting one's flying mount throwing the bomb and then running away (strafing).) It cannot be done on a riding mount whatsoever.

Once you have completed "Bombing Run," all the daily quests from the Skyguard in Blade's Edge Mountains will be open, including 'Bomb Them Again!' from the same quest giver.

For the Cheat!:
Now. Do the same as you did for 'Bombing Run', however, before you turn in, use the Holly (fresh or preserved) on your flying mount, (to turn it into a reindeer) and 'complete' the quest by turning it in. This gives you the achievement!
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Fa-La-La-Ogri'la 'Bomb Them Again', Instructions & Cheat!
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