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 3.0.8 Patch

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PostSubject: 3.0.8 Patch   Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:14 pm

So, rogues got four changes.

Ahem. Nevermind everyone else got over 15.

Fan of Knives have 150 percent of weapon damage is awesome. (Well, awesome if you're 80...) Feint expanding to have a 50 percent AoE dodge is good.

Nerfed Kidney Shot, again. Diminishing returns now. And HAT was 'fixed' to not give bonus with another HAT rogue. Yay.

That's it? Oh, no, wait, there's Ambush Glyph fix. Yay.

...Still, that's it?


....Hopefully this means we get some focus in the near future.
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3.0.8 Patch
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