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 In regards to Lockboxes

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PostSubject: In regards to Lockboxes   Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:48 pm


It's been confirmed, a fear of mine, from before the expansion (1.12) ,when Zanadrillia's lockboxes kept showing up to her as locked. The lockboxes will now return locked to the sender if the box is unlocked and returned via mail. Lockboxes also lock back if you zone.

No worries though. The way to fix this is just to remove the item inside and mail THAT back. In the case of BoP items, I will mail you a note to say I will catch you on to return your item, and pick it at that time so it does not BoP to me.

So you can still mail your boxes, you'll just be getting items in the mail instead.
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In regards to Lockboxes
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