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PostSubject: Catachanges   Sat Aug 22, 2009 1:07 am

Quote :
# Casters will finally get a Legendary item in one of the first raids of the expansion.
# Cataclysm will change the ways abilities are learned. Abilities ranks are gone and ability will just scale progressively with levels instead.
# Most of the Talent Trees will be changed dramatically, a lot of the passive bonuses will be removed and talent trees should be more fun. (No more "Hurray! Level up! I just got 1% more hit!)
# There is no plan to allow players to train more than 2 profession.
# There is no plan to allow more than 2 specs with the dual-spec system.
# Bags might get slightly bigger with Cataclysm.
# You will never be able to cleanse the Corrupted Ashbringer.
# Developers want shaman to be good AE healers and might buff Chain Heal even more.
# Multi-passenger flying mounts could be added in the future. They might also allow crafters to craft 310% flying mounts if they already completed an achievement rewarding one.
# Every healer class can now dispell magic, the niches will other debuffs.
# Engineers might be able to craft bows in the future.
# If you already own a 310% mount, you might be able to boost the speed of all your 280% mount to 310% just to let you use the one that you prefer
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