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 Skwerl is Dead!

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PostSubject: Skwerl is Dead!   Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:08 pm

Due to the fact that two idiots who were uninvited to the channel wish to be morons now that they've returned to the server... I am just making a new channel for us all to join.

This will be both on Horde and Alliance.

/join Neener

/leave Skwerl

Sadly this is necessary because you cannot permanently ban a person from the created channels. You can only temporarily ban if you happen to own the channel (which changes at logout) and if they're on when you are, or the owner of the chan at the time thinks to do it. Frankly, it's a lot of rigamarole just to get away from two people who we don't wish to associate with, and don't want causing trouble with our friends and loved ones.

Please remember to tell those who don't read the forum, (excluding Stellaluna/Shannador *alliance* and Shavan/Travalian *horde*) and do it for all the characters you wish to have to chat with for the same old fam. Bolsh and Kilshy have dropped Skwerl already with all of their alts.
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Skwerl is Dead!
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