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 Bolshka's Hunter Spec Suggestions

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PostSubject: Bolshka's Hunter Spec Suggestions   Sun Jun 29, 2008 1:00 pm


I mentioned a couple names to Duck while discussing Hunter specs, thought these might be useful to peruse:

Flehingt, who recently quit, was a Beastmaster to be reckoned with. Here's his spec:

Wookiescribe , also recently retired, was a Marksman unparalleled. Here's his spec:

Both specs are obviously geared for PvE, note the lack of stun generation in Marksman on both since a vast majority of instance mobs are immune to that kind of thing. Click their names to see the Armory for each, they are both decently geared (lightyears ahead of any of us).

Anyhoo, just thought those might be interesting for yew Huntards to drool over.
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Bolshka's Hunter Spec Suggestions
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