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 Sam Raimi, Shaman

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PostSubject: Sam Raimi, Shaman   Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:24 am


Sam Raimi, the filmmaker behind Evil Dead and the Spider-Man films, has revealed that he has a level 72 character in Blizzardís MMO World of Warcraft.

He didnít reveal what race or class his character was, which sucks, because that would make it all the more hilarious. He did say his previous level 29 Shaman was deleted by accident. But by God, he picked up the pieces of his shattered life and regained those 29 levels, and then 43 more.

Raimi, for those who donít know, is also helming the World of Warcraft movie. I donít play the game regularly, so I donít have a lot invested in the project, but I initially thought Raimi was an odd choice. Now that I know heís a fan of the game, it seems like a much better idea.

Raimi called the world (of Warcraft) ďincredibly, engrossingly terrifying,Ē something big bossman Chad Lakkis can probably attest to. Donít expect him to comment soon, though. He probably fainted when I mentioned World of Warcraft and Spider-Man in the same article.
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Sam Raimi, Shaman
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