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 Grudges: Old

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PostSubject: Grudges: Old   Sun Jun 29, 2008 9:22 pm


Decado-70 Human Mage -Instance Leaver

Kitesuna-Night Elf Rogue -Corpse Camper (non existent)

Grionn-62 Dwarf Paladin -Kill Stealer

Boonedock-Gnome Rogue- Griefer (non existent)

Brocklen-Gnome Mage- Random Invite/Insulter (non existent)

Freezy-Human Mage- Idiot Quest Spawner who dies (non existent on AD)

Mazinwrath-70 Human Warrior- Offtank who tries to Maintank due to Legendary weapon/Raid Destroyer

Doopus-70 Gnome Mage -Corpse Camper/Low Level Griefer

Liggy 54 Gnome Warlock -Griefer on X-roads

Annaw-Night Elf- Griefer/Kill Stealer (non existent on AD)

Firron-70 Night Elf Druid -Kill Stealer
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Grudges: Old
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