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 Guild Bank Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Bank Rules   Sun Jun 29, 2008 8:12 am

These are the basic guidelines for the use of Engines of Hate's guild bank. Ignorance is no excuse and abuse will be punished with lack of ability to use the guild bank, and for more serious infractions, removal from the guild.

1. Don't remove items/money from the guild banks unless you're placing in items of equal stature or amounts. IE: 20 wool for 20 medium leather. Green for Green. Blue for Blue. 20 gold for 20 gold donated. (Watch your guild fund repairs, gents and ladies.) OR unless you have special permission from the guild leader. In Engines of Hate: Twelvespears

2. Also, these items should be for your guild characters ONLY. Not for any alt, or friend, or whatever. It's not fair to our guildies who donate items for others to take things out to sell, give to friends, or give to your alt that's in another guild and can double dip. As long as you're donating equally, you can do whatever you like with the thing you remove, but we prefer that it remains "in guild". That goes for craftable mats, on the average as well. Don't take an entire stack of black pearls and make necklaces to sell on the AH, and donate nothing to the GB. If we make you money, you owe us money ^.^

3. The ONLY people who may remove to sell items are the guild leaders, and that money is donated directly back to the guild bank fund.

4. Items will be occasionally cleared by the GL for this purpose. Generally, how this is handled is by polling the guild members. If we have say, no jewelcrafters, the designs will go for sale, and money back into the guild bank. This is why it's important to identify your craft skill in the character notes of the guild. If we have no characters under a certain level, items of low level will be sold, and money returned. If we have no warriors, warrior gear will be sold and money returned. Things of that nature. And lastly, if the bank is full, and has to have some slots opened, we will remove items and sell them, (money returned), to leave the bank more clear.

5. We -twice- had a guildies' account hacked, and both banks were ripped off, not to mention the alts of the guildie themselves. We have also had uninformed and uninterested parties ripping off our members for their own gain alone. So these limits are in place for that reason, it can happen to anyone, and we want to assure our guild mates that they aren't donating for some CGF or slacker to steal.

6. Be considerate. "Give a penny, take a penny" is the rule. When it comes to money or gear or potions or whatever. Thanks for keeping these guidelines in mind!
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Guild Bank Rules
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