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 Fire Festival Guide

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PostSubject: Fire Festival Guide   Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:44 am


Fire Festival has been changed, and now works more like Lunar Festival.

I've created a list of the places to collect blossoms from, and what you get.

Here's the list: Malache's Fire Location List

Basically, the intent of the Festival goes like this. (Remember it scales by level, and I was doing this on a level 65...)

For your own faction fires, you get 5 blossoms, 5500 xp and 1 gold 70 silver per.

For opposite faction fires, you get 10 blossoms, 11000 xp and 3 gold 30silver per.
You also get flagged, so be very careful! A lot of people don't mind you to do that, and if you wait til you're about to "complete quest", mount and then "complete", you can run away really fast on your epic (hopefully). Five minutes and your flag goes off. (Another cheat is to use waterbreathing with a shaman or warlock and hide underwater til it wears off.)

Going to a main city fire isn't really worthwhile unless you're defiling, as they don't give you a blossom.

You do get other quests there that give blossoms and money, however. Such as Torch Tossing (done by putting the torch on your attack bar in place of your main attack, and using the mouse to click on each lit up brazier as it hovers), Torch Catching (First 4 in a row, then 10 in a row, easiest done by yanking your camera all the way back and watch the shadow so you're DIRECTLY underneath it to "catch" it..). Plus one for Earthen Ring that sends you to Zorum strand to do a very easy quest (lvl20 plus) dealing with Twilighters, and then another that sends you down to kill a Glacial Templar, 67 normal at the Portal on the Outlands side.

The last quest, Ahune, in Slave Pens, is a pain. He requires 5- 70s at least, and seriously good healing and agg handling. Good luck on that one. Heroic is ...even nastier. I suggest not taking the pain unless you're REALLY interested.

The rewards are great, and mostly just toys in regards to the blossom returns, though Ahune's are fantastic with epic cloaks and a staff. One of the Blossom returns gives you a lovely draenei dancer in flames (Brazier of Dancing Flames) that if you dance with you will be transformed into! Another gives you a small flamey pet. And flamey clothes. And spring flowers, and some buff foods. It's all entertainment.

So do enjoy! The xp and money alone makes it worthwhile (the 65 has nearly gotten an entire level worth of XP and he's done EK and Kalimdor skipping only 3...hasn't done Outlands yet) and then you get toys on top of it! Good luck!
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PostSubject: Re: Fire Festival Guide   Wed Jun 29, 2011 10:50 am

Addendum: Festival Fires now give Guild Rep!
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Fire Festival Guide
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