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 Geliis' STRATEGIES: Ahune, Fire Festival Special Boss

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PostSubject: Geliis' STRATEGIES: Ahune, Fire Festival Special Boss   Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:49 am

From the Official Forums -

1. Have the tank stand in front of Ahune, doing as much AoE damage (cleave, conc, ret aura, thunderclap, etc) so that the adds and the elite elemental are all bunched on him.

2. Everyone else attack from range. People who can burst damage, go after the elite. People who have to use guns, throwing knives (melee forced into range) shut up and do it. Your melee is more important during his core phase. Move in closer to Ahune when the elite elemental dies, that way everyone's set to go when he drops.

3. With only the tank taking the debuff, the healer -only- has to heal one person. The tank. Everyone else can attack from range and plow right through wave after wave if needed because of how controlled and contained it is. I've used this in a very low-dps group up to wave four. Go go AoE, chain lightning, guns, seed of corruption, etc.

That's it. It's that simple. If any adds manage to get by it's trivial for everyone in the back to focus fire. Contained, easy to preform, and all it takes is the ranged classes doing ranged damage and the melee classes keeping their cool (it's fine to use ranged attacking guys, seriously)

From a poster, not a Blue.
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Geliis' STRATEGIES: Ahune, Fire Festival Special Boss
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