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 Children's Week Orphan Quest

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PostSubject: Children's Week Orphan Quest   Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:56 am

This quest has Six parts total.
You get xp, Alliance/Horde rep total, and a pet, (new pets, rat, piggie or turtle) or 5 gold.

This is worth it. It's totally easy, just flying around and going to newb places. Anyone can do it.

The hardest part is the icecream which you will only need One of. You can find this at Shimmering Flats, Mirage Raceway off of a goblin. I have also been told you can find a gnome in SW with the icecream and a goblin in Theramore with the icecream.

Do eet, It's worth it. You start the quest in SW at the Orphanage in the Cathedral District from the Matron, or at the Orphanage in Ogi in the Valley of Honor.

Alliance side: Gnome is located between the Bank and the Inn in Trade Quarter.

Horde side: The Goblin is located to the right of the Bank on the side of the road on the hill leading to the Skytower (where the Windriders are).
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Children's Week Orphan Quest
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