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 Profession Level Requirements

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PostSubject: Profession Level Requirements   Mon Jun 30, 2008 12:22 pm

You can easily have alts send your baby professional materials to raise their skills as quickly as possible. However, you have to stick to level requirement to level up the skill.

Level 5 - maximum skill is 75 -Apprentice - need to be 50 to raise.

Level 10 - maximum skill is 150 -Journeyman - need to be 125 to raise.

Level 20 - maximum skill is 225 -Expert - need to be 200 to raise.

Level 35 - maximum skill is 300 -Artisan - need to be 275 to raise.

Level 50* - maximum skill is 375 -Master- need to be 300 to raise.

* Level 45 minimum required for Fishing, and level 35 required for Cooking/First Aid.

Generally speaking, there is usually a specialization "quest" one may find at the specialization trainer of your choosing at Level 40.

All Master trainers are found in Outlands. One may reach Outlands earlier than lvl 58, by being portaled by a Mage or Summoned by a Warlock.
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Profession Level Requirements
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