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 HINT: Discoveries

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PostSubject: HINT: Discoveries   Mon Jun 30, 2008 1:00 pm

A player posted this on the official forum.

Quote :
Yesterday in Karazhan while I was drinking buff pots I heard a ding noise over my headset as if I had leveled up. Looking to my chatlog, it told me I had made a discovery on how to make a Flask of Shadow Fortification.

A response by a Green.

Quote :
This is the Alchemy discovery system. There are some recipes you learn just working the skill. That is the same Flask I discovered while making healing power pots. This was a part of the expansion.

Basically, randomly, as you create, you will "Discover" a new recipe. All you do is create, create, create and hope!Smile

Good luck!
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HINT: Discoveries
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