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 Bolshka's Hunter Macro: SteadyShot/AutoShot

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PostSubject: Bolshka's Hunter Macro: SteadyShot/AutoShot   Sun Jun 29, 2008 12:57 pm


This is mostly a shout out to everyone's favorite Huntard, Ghortan, but is applicable to other aspiring disciples of pewpew. This is a simple macro to maximize damage output and make your life as a Huntard just a little easier… as if you weren't already OP.

Steady Shot ► Auto Shot
This macro will cast Steady Shot and Auto Shot in alternating order, preventing players from accidentally clipping Auto Shots while attempting to cast Steady Shot. The sequence will reset after obtaining a new target or after three seconds of idle time. If the target is a friendly target, you will assist the player before beginning the sequence, but only if you are in combat first. If the new target is still a friendly target, the macro will stop.


/assist [help, combat]
/stopmacro [help]
/castsequence reset=target/3 Steady Shot, Auto Shot
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Bolshka's Hunter Macro: SteadyShot/AutoShot
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