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 NF and EoH Instance Running Rules

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PostSubject: NF and EoH Instance Running Rules   Sun Jun 29, 2008 11:16 pm


Being that we've had a question of late of frustration due to lack of communication, the "policy" of instance running with NF or Engines has changed. (For members and non.)

1. You MUST post here, in this area, and state your intention on the
Date /Time(CST)/Instance and possible members of your wished run.

This will clarify who wants to go where, and also allow better planning for said runs. If there are problems with more than a five-man needing to go, we can schedule dual, even triple runs to the same instance in this fashion, making certain every person has a chance to run. This further spares those of us who have other things in life to do from waiting around, or coming back again and again just to check who wants to do what.

2. Be On Time! For example: If you state you intend to run at 8 pm, be there at 7:45, no later. (15 minutes before!) This is so that your prospective group is not waiting on you forever. Failure to do so will get you left behind and left out of further runs.

3. It is
YOUR responsibility if you want to run an instance to make the plan and keep up with the members wanting to go. If your alt requires it, it's your job to keep that character going. Don't expect your guild members/leaders to do this for you.

4. If you want to *go with* on a planned run, you MUST post here stating that intention. There are a lot of members who need the same instances, and we must plan out who is going when. This spares hurt feelings, we're all friends here. Same goes if you have any friends you might be able to pick up for the run from other guilds/etc. State that you might be able to get "So and So/Class/Level".

5. If you *planned* a run, and are no longer able to make it, /try/ to give 24 hours notice to those going, and Post Here. Those going on runs should also check here before the run, to make certain the run is still "on". Life happens, as it does, that doesn't mean you can't change plans accordingly. Everyone has things come up, be understanding and be patient. If *you* are the one having to miss a run, make certain you post and let those who planned to go with you know. (or send a Mail/Tell in game.) Nothing's worse than waiting for a no-show. And don't be angry if you did not state you would not arrive and your group left without you. They can't wait forever.

6. Please be sure to have your gear ready, your bags emptied, your drinks/foods/potions/rez items at hand when you show up at the instance so everyone is ready to go.

7. Make Certain to plan how drops will be handled before you go inside.

8. No one should find themselves to ninja (read: Steal Loser) good gear, epics or etc. As a suggestion: Master Looter is generally the safest course, having classes only roll on their class-specific gear, any superior item and above is separated after, and BoP is handled on a "need" (for the alt in the instance FIRST) basis. Nothing is wrong with speaking up and saying, "My tailor can use "X"." If there is no tailor in the group, then a roll would be most reasonable, so everyone has a fair shot for their alt or the case of selling.

**If someone has been complained about abusing other party members in this fashion, it is grounds for removal from the group at the immediate time, from the guild and further banning from instance runs with NF or Engines. Play Nice. Everyone "needs" stuff, you're not the only one. **

9. Lastly, No Dropping Group In the Middle of an Instance!

If you're unhappy with the way the run has gone, simply plan not to take the certain members that gave you trouble again. But DO NOT drop group in the middle. It is rude and unfair to everyone who's made the plan to do the run to do so. Stick it out, and talk civily afterwards about your issue to resolve it. We're all adults here, don't take things personally. Link-drops, RL and such take precidence, and will be forgiven if you take the time and effort to tell your party something went awry. Otherwise, this will be see as a ban-from-further-runs offense.

That all being said, Gear up, and Get to Killin'! Evil or Very Mad And by the by, Say
Thank You Smile to your group when you're finished! It's always nice to be appreciated for the effort taken.
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NF and EoH Instance Running Rules
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